Laying of the first stone of IZO’s new production site

Chignolo Po, Italy, 4th of October 2018

On 4 October last, during IZO’s 50 years anniversary celebration, all employees were present at the “Laying of the first stone” of the future production site “IZO 2”.

The new production site in Chignolo Po consists of  a 10,000 mq area next to the current site and will be completed in 2020. At the laying of the first stone ceremony, not only all employees of the Brescia and Chignolo sites were present, also Victor van Solinge (Vaxxinova CEO) and Jan Wessjohann (EW Group President, Vaxxinova is part of EW Group).

The stone represents the first “brick” to be used as a starting point to build the future of the company and it mentions the day of its laying.