Vaxxinova today

IZO, a part of Vaxxinova and located in Italy, is a leader in research, production and packaging of vaccines and pharmaceuticals for veterinary use. We believe in:

  • High quality of our products.
  • High customer focus.
  • Strong focus on animal health and animal welfare.

These values translate into a production process with high quality standards and result in excellent animal prophylaxis and therapies for our distributors, veterinarians and farmers.

High quality products
Our GMP certification and compliance with EU legislation guarantee the high-quality standard of our products, to achieve both consumer health and animal health. 

Quality and customer service

Vaxxinova’s quality and customer service departments are the cornerstones of our company and are strongly supported throughout the entire company. Together with the rooted certainty that our results can only be achieved by working together with our international distributors, the most qualified veterinarians and the most dedicated farmers.

Animal health is in our DNA
High-quality production is in our DNA and this leads to the best results in animal health and animal growth. For the welfare of everyone.